The Dragons' Chamber is Running its Second Successful Event on Nov. 18th

The Dragons' Chamber Taiwan, part of Meet Taipei, the largest startup event in Asia, takes its inspiration from the US TV show Shark Tank. Held live on stage, participants have 10 minutes to pitch their startup plan to four “Dragons” judges who will then ask questions, checking for any flaws in the plan.


The judges will evaluate teams in an open discussion on stage, which will give the audience and participants greater insight into what makes a strong business proposal.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, teamed up with marketing company Enspyre to start Dragons' Chamber Taiwan, a competition strictly for foreign startups the first and only of its kind in Taiwan.

Anemone Ventures is happy to be a judge and a supporter.

What: Dragons' Chamber Taiwan

When: Nov. 18, 2017 from 1pm to 4pm

Where: Orange Stage at Taipei Expo Dome, 1 Yumen St, Taipei City (台北市玉門街1號)

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