Why Us

Why Us

Our understanding and experience of technology commercialization bridges innovation with new markets.

We enable you to focus on your core products, services, and solutions; while we expand your business on your behalf. Through reaching for the appropriate partnerships, we help you adapt your solutions and offerings to the local markets and meet your business goals. Our representation on the ground allows you to respond faster to the changing market demands and establish a solid structure for growth.  

Headquartered in Taiwan

Taiwan stands as an anchor for businesses considering entry strategies into major markets in Asia and China. Taiwan’s advanced technology-based economy, medium-sized market, and business friendliness are among the countless motives we choose Taipei as our headquarter.

As many international technology industries rely on Taiwan for manufacturing and R&D support, Taiwan is deemed the ‘Silicon Valley of Asia’. Thus, Taiwan has a notable legal system protecting intellectual property rights and a highly-skilled workforce.

Taiwan plays a pivotal role in the supply chain for the IT industry and is the focal point for high-tech OEMs and ODMs. Taiwan fosters product R&D and serves as a testbed for the Chinese market.

Consequently, Taiwan has positioned itself to be the best choice for enterprises to enter Asian and Chinese markets.                                                

Taiwan Key Notes

  • 22nd largest economy in the world
  • Among the largest exporters in the world
  • Controls the 5th largest foreign exchange reserves
  • 15th among 190 economies in the ease of doing business
  • Most influential player in the global supply chain
  • 2nd safest city with low cost of living
  • One of the four Asian Tigers
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