Market Entry

Through utilizing our market knowledge, years of experience, network, and multidisciplinary team of professionals on the ground; we plan and implement your business entry strategy to meet your expansion plans in the new market. In our groundwork we are:

  • Assessing financials, regulations, taxes and HR matters
  • Conducting market feasibility reports to better understand the business landscape and market potential
  • Recommending strategies based on market evaluation, competition, and regulatory environment
  • Locating your competitive edge for the target market
  • Building your market strategy and identify sales channels
  • Identifying, evaluating, and recommending partners to ensure the target market is reached in its full potential
  • Supporting the process of marketing material localization
  • Evaluating and recommending products, services and best business model to launch
  • Supporting resources and budget planning allocation for the new market deployment

With our presence and ground activities we allow you to focus on your core business, adapt to the markets changing needs, and address opportunities as they come along.

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